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Client Privacy Policy

Any information that you provide to us in regard to preparing your tax returns is confidential, but it is generally not protected by any accountant-client privilege. We restrict access of your nonpublic, personal information to our staff members who need it in order to provide the services for which you have hired us, including our internal administrative needs, and as necessary, to software and service providers that we use in order to perform our work. Your nonpublic information will also be available to your spouse if that individual is listed jointly on your tax return, to the extent of the information that is available on that return. We will also disclose such information to someone who posses a valid power-of-attorney in your behalf.

We may also use nonpublic information that you have provided us as a basis for recommending other services to you that our firm, associates, contractors, third-party service providers, and other affiliates offer, if we believe that those services may be a benefit to you. However, such recommendations would come to you directly from us and at no time will we provide your contact or other nonpublic information to an outside source for purposes of solicitation without your permission.


While we seek to provide the most convenient, helpful and professional service possible, it is our policy to not transfer any of your nonpublic information to third-parties that you wish to receive that information (such as a mortgage broker, attorney, real estate professional, or financial advisor). We will be happy to send such information to you directly, and then you may distribute the information from there as you deem best.

We do not disclose any personal or confidential information to anyone else (beyond those noted herein) without your express permission to do so, except as permitted or required by law. In addition, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information. You agree to hold us harmless should we be compelled by law to produce records or testify regarding this or any previous engagement.


In many cases, we rely upon third-party providers in order to maintain the physical and electronic safeguards that we employ to protect your nonpublic personal information, as well as to perform the services that you have hired us to complete, and as such, those providers may have and retain access to your nonpublic information. To the best of our ability, we work to ensure that these third-party providers are safe, reputable, and reliable in providing those services before we choose to rely upon them. However, these third-parties are not under our supervision or control, and at some point, may fail to protect your information sufficiently.


You agree to hold us harmless should there be any breach in the security of your non-public information due to something related to a third-party provider that is outside of our direct control. You also agree to hold us harmless should there be any breach in the security of your non-public information due to something within our control if we have done all that would be reasonably expected of us by industry standards in order to protect your information.


You assume all responsibility relating to adherence with privacy and disclosure requirements relating to the use and sharing of information in your industry. If your business or industry requires greater privacy or security protections than those provided in this privacy policy, it is your responsibility to ensure that your disclosure of information to us is in compliance with such requirements, and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless in connection with any claims arising from your failure to do so.


If the obligations under your Client Agreement with us, or if our client list were ever transferred to another owner or party, per the Transferability terms of the Agreement, your nonpublic information would also be transferred to that new owner or party after that new owner or party has agreed in writing to abide by the terms of this policy regarding all transferred information.


This Privacy Policy applies even after the termination of a Client Agreement. It is subject, however, to be changed by all future modifications of our Privacy Policy, even after the termination of a Client Agreement, with or without notification.

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