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Paper Document Policy

Paper and Electronic Document Policy – Do Not Give Us Original Copies

The Bristlecone Approach operates as a fully paperless business. DO NOT send or give us the original copy of your documents if you want to retain that document. Our policy is to do the following with all paper documents that we receive: 1) Scan the documents into our system to create a digital copy, then 2) Shred the paper documents after they are scanned. We will not retain the paper documents or return them to you. We will retain a digital copy of those documents according to our document retention policy. Upon your request, we will provide you with a digital copy of any documents that you have given to us which we have retained in our system, but the paper-version of every document will be destroyed.


Because we operate as a paperless business, we are not obligated to provide you with any paper-copies of documents. We generally do not print client-copies of tax returns or other such items. We will provide you with an electronic copy of any documents that we need to provide to you, which you may use to print a paper version of, if you desire.


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