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The Bristlecone Approach Is Our Approach

We do not offer a program. We follow an approach. The approach seeks the maximization of every opportunity that is available to you, while protecting you from increased risk of setbacks in the future. We keep the end goal in mind, ensuring that short-term means do not compromise the more important end.


We love helping people apply this approach to every part of their lives. Our primary work is with taxes. Minimization of your taxes, and of your audit risks, are how we maximize your financial growth, and your peace of mind.


The approach begins with in-depth tax planning. We thoroughly examine your unique situation through the lens of every legitimate tax saving strategy, looking for those that apply to you – both for current year savings and for the long-term. We bring you our recommendations, discussing each in detail.


Based on the strategies that you choose, we estimate what your taxes will be, long before you need to pay them, and we help you implement the money saving strategies you have chosen. Minimizing your taxes, eliminating surprises, and planning in advance are three keys to the success of our approach.


We provide this in-depth planning once per year, or more often when needed. We also prepare and file your tax returns, answer questions you have throughout the year, and respond to any letters you receive from the IRS or state. We provide these services to as one complete package – as one complete approach – to help you not only survive, but thrive, in every condition.


Do you want to find out if we would work well together? Here’s how:

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