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Why "Bristlecone"?

And what is "The Approach"?

The Bristlecone Pine

is the world's longest living organism – the oldest have lived nearly 5,000 years and are still growing! Incredibly, these trees live – indeed, thrive – in some of the harshest conditions on earth. Despite poor soil, high altitude, strong winds, and little water, the Bristlecone Pine is built perfectly to prosper where nearly no other living thing can. The character and resilience of this tree is evident in its every feature. It has withstood the harshest tests of time.

The Approach

of the Bristlecone Pine is not one of rapid growth, delicate beauty, or towering grandeur. Rather, it is an approach designed to utilize every available resource to its fullest, to withstand every adversity that could arise, and to avert anything that brings risk of death, damage, or decay. Consistent, steady maximization of opportunities is a hallmark of this venerable tree.

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Why Bristlecone 2

The Bristlecone Approach

is the name we have given to our approach to life, business, and taxes. Some approaches are flashy and exciting. Some are pragmatic and measured. Some are opportunistic. Some are methodical. The best approach for you is the one which leads to what you value most.


Our approach, The Bristlecone Approach, mirrors many of the time-tested qualities of the Bristlecone Pine. It is designed for the long game, seeking to help you survive, prosper, and even thrive in every condition – even the harshest. It is an approach that is wary of the exciting, flashy, and new, and which embraces the tried and true. It is one that will keep you firmly rooted – making the most of every good opportunity available, without compromising your future.


How do we do this?

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